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The Reaping
Book one of the Gods and Guardians Chronicles

Everything you know is about to change​

Nadia was a young girl when Lucifer’s demons arrived and took everything away from her. Learning the meaning of true horror, she became a broken shell of herself fraught with nightmares. Just when she thought all was lost someone entered her life and helped her discover who she really was. ​

Within our realm, a war was brewing, one between father and son. Their battle would destroy everything if Nadia didn’t find a way to stop it. After discovering how to wield magic, she must now learn one more painful lesson in this life … to remain within the light or fade into darkness forever.

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The Awakening

Book two of the Gods and Guardians Chronicles


After winning the war, everything should have been fine … but it wasn’t. Suddenly, Nadia began losing her powers, becoming blind to those who sought to use her. She was inflicted with a powerful curse, driving one of those closest to her insane.

 An unexpected event happened, and she became Katrianna once more. She learned the only way to break the curse was to make peace with her buried memories. Defenseless and alone, she was captured by her brother and eventually claimed by the Angel Lucifer.

A ruthless ancient entity named Xiere joined Lucifer, using him for his own agenda. Xiere would have Katrianna at all costs. She must find a way to break the curse and reclaim her powers or become a pawn of the most insidious immortals in existence.

The Rising
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